Growth: it’s what all of us strive for; the only thing that sustains our hunger for more.

From the start of my new job finally pursuing my career in construction management, to learning how to adapt to a farmers schedule and call lunch “Dinner” (and dinner “Supper”) – I honestly can’t think of a dull moment.   Every day has been exciting and exhausting; frustrating and rewarding.  After just three weeks, I look back to where I started when I made the move out here and am constantly surprised on how much I have already grown (although I remain at my 5’3″ stature).

Some examples, you ask? I now know:

…the difference between tassels and silks on a corn stalk and what role they both play in creating corn;

…that deer make an awful sound, like choking, gargling and yelling all at the same time (it’s that disgusting);

…that silos are NOT grain bins;

…how one combine can harvest so many different items (wheat, oats, beans, peas, corn…) and how the different attachments work;

…the dirt here gets into everything and covers you in the finest layer that never comes off;

…there’s a dog vaccine for rattle snake bites (!);

…and sometimes, you just don’t get cell service.

 I can’t say this growth has been without its fair share of growing pains. Luckily I have more to focus on that just my own growth – my garden has officially reached jungle status.  Note: when it says plant zucchini 3′ apart, do it.  When it says one pumpkin plant will suffice, absolutely oblige.

Whether it is the fertilizer Hubby slipped in my garden or all my TLC, my zucchini has been producing at an overwhelming rate and an even more alarming size – think small human baby.  This has lead to many zucchini spaghetti noodles, stir fry vegetables, and soon some zucchini bread!  Even with all that, I’ve given out most of what I pick!

I’ve also harvested my first eggplant which I have yet to figure out what I want to do with it.  I’m thinking eggplant parmesan bites. Also to the list are my first tomatoes and hot peppers!


But the BEST part of this week – sunflower fields. Driving past miles of yellow topped fields stretching up to the sun will never get old.  I have a few great shots to capture planned – but am waiting for the right moment.

Until then, here’s a photo of Vinny to wrap up the post! (Like you thought I could get through this without mentioning this little guy…)

Vinny and Frisbee