flash forward

Flash forward a year from the last post. Yes, a  year. Actually a year and 10 days if you want to be exact.  A lot can happen in that amount of time, and I think we covered all our bases, like:

graduating my Farm Beginnings classes…

celebrating bachelor(ette) parties & bridal showers…

becoming a golfer…

finding and losing out on 3 potential houses…

then becoming the proud owners of a 1960s house in town…

boasting a plentiful tomato harvest (tomato game STRONG this year)

oh, and getting married. 

And that is just to name a few!  So now you see why I didn’t have a single minute to update with posts, pictures and stories.  Obviously, the  highlight was our Saint Paul wedding in August.  A years’ worth of planning, big decisions, little decisions, taste testing, vendor meetings, follow up vendor meetings, last-minute panic meetings, emails, letters, invitations, thank-yous…

I really was worn out from typing.

But this is it! We are now living the American Dream in the American Heartland. We have bills and budgets, jobs and schedules, and each other. It’s perfect.

The point of this blog was to articulate the stark differences from my life before I moved to South Dakota.  There are plenty, as I’ve mentioned previously.  The long car rides to get almost anywhere have become a time where I can catch up on my reading (audio books rule, in case you had doubts).  Late nights working mean I get to look up and see infinite stars.  Putting distance between me and my Target means… well it means more online shopping 🙂

I’ve dug in. And I like it. I really, really like it.



here we go!

well without further ado, I wish you a…


it’s been an exciting 2014 and 2015 is shaping up to be even better than the last!  the past year has brought an engagement, a big move from Minnesota to South Dakota, two new jobs, and countless new friends and experiences. twitter and facebook tell me this is the part where I hashtag #blessed – and in all seriousness, looking back, could I possibly be any more blessed?!

actually, yes.  because this year I get to actually marry that fiance of mine surrounded by all our friends and family.  it will be a long road to get there with so much to do (I may be a little bit of a budget-conscious-detail-oriented-perfectionist…) but when I do get overwhelmed I remind myself of all the items we already have checked off the list:

  • dress, done! (weddings 826)
  • photographer, done! (bernadette pollard)
  • videographer, done! (dave puente)
  • ceremony location, done! (st thomas more – summit & lexington)
  • reception venue, done! (harriet island pavilion – st paul)
  • room block, done!

now for caterers, florists, decor, cake, DJs, save the dates, invites, transportation… whew! DIY & budget-friendly tips are always welcome!

now for me to get my homework done for my Farm Beginnings class before tomorrow! I’m absolutely loving the people and the class itself, not to mention the fact I get to go to Rapid City and get my Target Fix in…

keep an eye out for posts on my DIY projects I’ve been doing for the wedding! (hint: I got a new Cricut Explore for Christmas!)

wishing you all the best!! xo


p.s. I challenge you to find another blog post out there with the tags “Cancun, New Years, Wedding, and Cows” like this one! hah!